Friday, September 18, 2009


These are some outfits we made for one of my favorite families. Won't these children be so cute!!!
This dress is called a Mary Dee. It is double breasted in the back and it looks good on almost every little girl.

This little outfit is one of my favorites for a little boy. It is called Kipp and it comes in shorts and long pants.

Both of these outfits are some of my personal favorites for my children and I know these children will make a beautiful picture!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I love Wal-Mart!

Look at these cute dresses I found at Wal-Mart. They are for my niece that will be here Christmas. They were just plain dresses, but look how great they look with a name on them. (They would also look good with a monogram, but my sister can't decide on a middle name!!! Talk about frustration for someone who specializes in monograms!!!) I also love the creativity of my clients. This shirt also came from Wal-Mart. I saw it when I was buying for my children and I thought what could I do with that shirt? Well...not a week later I filled an order with this shirt. Isn't it cute!!! I never would have thought up the combination, but look how great it turned out! Needless to say, I will be returning to Wal-Mart to buy another shirt for my son! Thanks for the idea Jennie Rebecca!

I just thought I would throw these pictures in. These are for my oldest daughter. They are her school colors/mascot.

This train turned out really cute too. It is on a red JohnJohn. The fabric I used for the second car is the same fabric as the post with the burp cloth with John in a rectangle. It has lots of possibilities, but look how great it looks here!


Has football started?!? Just kidding, my husband wouldn't let me forget that. Won't these siblings be cute in their shirts?!? This is another shirt I made for brothers, but I wanted to show it close up so that you could see the football. It is made out of brown and white corduroy. Really good for older boys.

These are shirts I made for some brothers. Won't they be precious!!!

This snowman material is really cute. It didn't show color well, but it is a light blue fabric. Great for winter!

This is just a close up shot of the letters below. I wanted to show the material. It is great for girls!

These shirts are for a friend's girls. They are going to wear them with bright pink tutus. Won't they be cute!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cool stuff!!!

Isn't this the cutest bag!?! My friend Mary Alice Goolsby, of former Cracker Barrel fame, makes them. She also makes a very cute black bag with ballet shoes on it. She has a great web site if you are interested in any of her other stuff. It is She makes really cute Halloween and Christmas outfits for little girls. Check her out and if you find something you like, tell her I sent you her way!

New Appliques

I have had this crown applique for a while, but I have never had the opportunity to use it.

This is a new pumpkin applique. It can be adapted for a boy by just leaving off the curling vine. Don't forget, I also have a really cute 3 pumpkin applique.

I love this fabric. It is the "boy" version of some of my favorite fabric for girls. And just like the girl fabric, which my girl's bedroom curtains are made of, this fabric adorns a wonderful Pre1st class at Lipscomb. Thanks Amy, these are good leftovers!!!

No, I didn't make these, but I wanted to share anyway. These are lunch boxes that were brought to me to personalize for school.

They turned out really cute!